Friday, October 2, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Photo Shoot with Desiree July 2009. What a great visit we had this summer. It always feels as if our daughter is coming home. Such a blessing that she has been added to this family.


Caro, A lovely young woman from Germany. She accompanied Desiree to visit us for 3 weeks. I asked Desiree if I could photograph them and we had a great time. This shot is my favorite of Caro. The camera loves this beautiful girl!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Family Photo Shoot July 2009

It was my privilege to take these family photos of Jeff's brother Hugh, his wife Cindi, and their newly adopted son Chris. He is such a sweet kid and a true blessing for this family. We were so happy to have them visit with us and are thankful for the bond with our nephew.

Hugh and Cindi stylized photo

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sharon Kiser Headshots

These are headshots that I took of my friend and neighbor Sharon Kiser. Sharon is an author, speaker, and nationally sydicated radio personality. I really enjoyed the process and am planning to solicit photography and digital artistry projects.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Healed by Nicole Nordeman

Oh, We stutter and we stammer till You save us
A symphony of chaos till You play us
Phrases on the pages of unknown'Til
You read us into poetry and prose
We are kept and we are captive till You free us
Vaguely unimagined 'til You dream us
Aimlessly unguided 'til You lead us home

By Your voice we speak
By Your strength no longer weak
We are no longer weak
And by Your wounds we are healed
And by Your wounds we are healed
Passed over and passed by until you claim us
Orphaned and abandoned 'til you name us
Hidden and disclosed 'til you expose you hearts

By your death we live
It is by your gift that we might give
That we might give
And by your wounds we are healed
And by your wounds we are healed
What kind of love would take your
shame and spill his blood for you
Save us by His wounds
By your wounds, we are healed
By your wounds, we are healed
What kind of love
By your wounds, we are healed
Tell me what kind of love is this
By your wounds, we are healed.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

You might be a floridian if. . . .

You might be a Floridian if...
"Down South" means Key West
"Panhandling" means going to Pensacola.
You think no-one over 70 should be allowed to drive.
Flip-flops are everyday wear.Shoes are for business meetings and church.
No, wait, flip flops are good for church too
Socks are only for bowling
Orange juice from concentrate makes you vomit
Tap water makes you vomit
Sweet tea can be served at any meal.
An alligator once walked through your neighborhood.
You smirk when a game show's "Grand Prize" is a trip to Florida.
You measure distance in minutes.
You have a drawer full of bathing suits, and one sweatshirt.
You get annoyed at the tourists who feed seagulls.
You never use an umbrella because you know the rain will be over in five minutes
All the local festivals are named after a fruit.
A mountain is any hill 100 feet above sea level.
A good parking place has nothing to do with distance from the store, but everything to do with shade.
Your winter coat is made of denim
You can tell the difference between fire ant bites and mosquito bites
You're younger than thirty but some of your friends are over 65
You know the four seasons really are: almost summer, summer,not summer but really hot, and Christmas.
It's not "pop." It's "soda" or "coke."
Anything under 70 is chilly.
You've hosted a hurricane party.
You go to a theme park for an afternoon, and know when to get on the best rides.
You pass on the right and honk at the elderly.
You understand the futility of exterminating cockroaches.
You can pronounce Okeechobee, Kissimmee, Withlacoochee, Okahumpka and Loxahatchee.
You understand why it's better to have a friend with a boat than have a boat yourself.
You've driven through Yeehaw Junction.
Bumper stickers on the pickup in front of you include various fish, the NRA and a confederate flag.
You were 8 before you realized they made houses without pools.
You were 12 when you first met someone who couldn't swim.
You've worn shorts and used the A/C on Christmas.
You know what the "stingray shuffle" is and why it's important!
You could swim before you could read
You have to drive north to get to The South
New ifs...You know that no other grocery store can compare to Publix.
Every other house had blue roofs in 2004-2005
You’ve gotten out of school early on Halloween to trick or treat before it got dark
You know that anything under a Category 3 just isn't worth waking up for.
You dread lovebug season.
You are on a first name basis with the Hurricane list. They aren't Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Frances...but Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.
You know what a snowbird is and you hate them.
You know why flamingos are pink.
You think a six-foot alligator is actually pretty average.
You were twelve before you ever saw snow or you still haven't.
Tornadoes/Tornado warnings don't scare you, and you laugh when your friends from outside of Florida get scared by lightning.

patrick video excerpt