Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interesting Geneology

OK all you Ryan's, here's some interesting information that I discovered while I'm in the land of your ancestors. It has been reported that Samuel Hinckley is a common ancestor with Sarah Palin, The Bush Families, and current president Obama. Well he is also your ancestor. Here's how it goes and a couple of links to the documents.

Samuel Hinckley m. Sarah Soole
Susanna Hinckley m. Rev. Joseph Smith
Ichabod Smith m. Hannah Andrews
Thankful Smith m. Joseph Leigh
Ichabod Smith Leigh m. Anne Stout
Isaac Leigh m. Phoebe Sutphin
Samuel Leigh m. Sarah Pittenger
John Lowrie Leigh m. Louisa Catherine Leigh
John Morrell m. Catherine Estella Leigh
Arthur Ryan m. Bertha Morrell
John Ryan m. Dorothy Ryan

SAMUEL HINCKLEY.1 resided in Tenterden, Kent, England; a dissenter; Mr. Otis says, that on Mar. 14, 1634-5, to escape persecution and get out of England he took an oath that he conformed to the order and discipline of the English church; remarking that it was probably qualified by mental reservation; and that the sin consisted in compelling such men to take the oath, rather than in taking it. In March, 1635. Rev. Nathaniel Tilden, who in 1728 had purchased lands in Scituate, Mass., probably with a view for future homes for himself and friends; with Samuel Hinckley, George Lewes, and James Austin of Teuterden, and with other families, making a company of 102, including women, children and servants, sailed from Sandwich, Eng., in the ship Hercules; probably intending to join Rev. John Lathrope, who came to Scituate the previous year; and more than half the passengers of this voyage become inhabitants there. He brought his wife Sarah, and his four oldest children; and immediately after his arrival at Boston he went to Scituate; built a house there, which Mr. Lothrop calls No. 19; three of his fellow passengers also built a house there in 1635. viz.: William Hatch, No. 17, George Lewis, No. 18, and Nathaniel Tilden, No. 20. The street on which they built was called Kent street. He resided there until july 1640; and removed to Barnstable; bought land there of Rev. Joseph Hull, and had trouble about the title. The location of his home lot is well known. It was bounded on the west by Coggin's Pond and the land of James Hamlin;1 from which it is today separated by an ancient stone fence; and joined the land of his son, Gov. Thomas Hinckley on the south. The present County road passes south of this place. Near the pond, according to tradition he built his one story dwelling, with a thatched roof. He was one of the first that settled at West Barnstable, and owned the farm there occupied in 1862 by Levi L. Goodspeed. e known as the Otis farm. f Suckonesset, (Falmouth, MA) 1661. His 1st wife d. Ang. 18, 1656; m. 2d, Dec. 15, 1657, Bridget, widow of Robert Bodfish, of Sandwich, Mass. Mr. Otis remarks, that he never knew a Hinckley who was dishonest, lazy, or imprudent. Samuel Hinckley was not distinguished; but his name frequently appears on the Barnstable records as juror, surveyor of highways, etc. As a church member he does not appear intolerant, but from the fact that he was twice indicted forentertaining strangers--Quakers.--indicates that he was a liberal man. He d. Oct. 31, 1662; will Oct. 8, 1662.

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  1. I love this. I am also descended from Isaac Leigh too - where did you get the documentation on this from?