Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend at Paper Road Farm

How was your weekend?  Mine started out like this....

Saturday I  had the best time hitting the local flea markets....which

are amazing......

I bought a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables to add to my garden.

When I got back home I went inside the farm's little combination potting shed/chicken coop
and I bah-reed some pots.  That's what we say in the south bah-reed and just because I am here in New Jersey, don't think I'll start saying borrowed.

Like my little plant area?   Ah, do....still in southern girl talk.

and the herbs....
 and a shot of the garden....

But hold on, saved the best for last.....I  saw these little guys when I returned from the markets on Saturday.
Did you say Awww in your southern accent?

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