Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I can’t be addicted

Daggum you Hurricane Sandy!  Being without the internet was hard.  What did you say? I’m not addicted.  Why would you say that?  Who wouldn’t change their clothes three times in one day so that you’re not recognized by the Panera Bread people?  Pfff…  It’s just something I enjoy.  I read the news, the weather, the sports, my daily inspiration, Facebook, funny cat pictures, the Instagrams, and all the DIY blogs I find on Pinterest.   And the videos, I love the videos.  That one about the Sweetie girl who was going out to get a cold pop and thought somebody was BBQing.  Haaaa Haaaa! I die laughing at that one.


And I Luuuuuv to shop on the internet.  The online stores are always open, and they have it figured out.  Don’t you just love plugging in your size and color and seeing all that’s available.  And then as easy as Paypal, you’re done. But, I do get creeped out when later on that particular dress size appears in a weight loss advertisement on my screen.  That’s a little nervy and personal. Well I guess there are some bad things. 

Do you have a tablet?  I have the Kindle Fire and it’s so precious.

  words with friends
I use it to read my books and play games with my friends;  like Words with friends.  The screen size is perfect for that fun game.  Yessiree, I am a digital girl!

But when all the storm ravaged WIFI hotspots were down, and the Panera Bread guy person got all red faced and said in a high pitched voice “We are calling the police”.  Ok, Fine, I was leaving anyway Buddy!  I did have my little 3G phone.  It’s one of the older model droids and it was a little hard when I wanted to “like” a picture.  This had me worried, because some of the pictures of Jesus on facebook, if you don’t like them, and fast, you are at risk of going to hell. 

I sometimes wonder about my life before internet.  What did I do?  I should Google that question.  I’m sure others have asked the same thing.


  1. Did the Panera guy really tell you that?! You're making up that story, aren't you? :) As always, I LOVE reading your posts! Merita

  2. Yeah, I'm making that up. But, I was once handcuffed and thrown to the floor at Starbucks.

    No, not really, I'm making that up too.