Monday, March 18, 2013

4.5mm Isn’t Very Funny

blue green handblown cylinder vase costume jewelry gold orange crushed velvet fabric
Last week, I gathered all these items I had around the house with the plan to create a Spring Table in my dining room.  It was going to be a symphony of perfection with some high notes and some low notes.  Monday was going to be the day to work on it, but since I had just finished a very busy week returning from an art retreat and working on a niece’s wedding, I decided to wait until the next day.  My beautiful spring table creation would wait one more day.  As I readied myself for a cozy and relaxing evening cuddling on the sofa with my remote and Daisy, I felt a twinge in my side.  Very rapidly the twinge became a major annoyance, and I couldn’t get comfortable.  Walking around, trying to work it out, I realized something was pretty wrong.costume jewelry with orange and gold crushed velvet fabric
I bought these costume jewelry rings a couple of years ago thinking that they may be useful in Todd and Luba’s wedding.  They were one dollar per item, and I purchased three boxes.  My idea was to turn them into some bling on the napkins planned for my beautiful spring table.  But, I couldn’t get over this pain, so I called  Amanda and asked her to come out; “I may need to go to the emergency room.”  I then ran upstairs and mutilated my legs. If we are all suddenly called to war and to defend the planet, I am sure I will want to shave my legs first.  By the time she arrived, I was in full blown pain overload.  I jumped into Amanda’s car and we started for the ER.  She was going as fast as she could and may have broken laws, not just because she was worried about me, but also I suspect, because she wanted to get this lunatic out of her booking car.
These vintage seed packs are beautiful, aren’t they?  My thinking was that I would print off some that I found on the internet and turn them into some part of the Spring table.  Sadly, I couldn’t even think about them while I was at the ER.  Not since college trig, have I struggled so hard with something while crying out “somebody just shoot me”.  But,I am a lucky girl, because I am a member of a clan of people that when one gets sick, we all want to look into each other’s eyes ourselves, just to make sure that death is not imminent.  By the time my mutilated, but ashy legs were sticking out from a hospital gown, the waiting room was filled with my people. 
gold and orange crushed velvet fabric
In the picture, this crushed velvet doesn’t come close to being as pretty as it is in person.  For one, the tan looking color is actually gold.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to use these fabrics, but I liked the way they looked together with the blingy costume jewelry and the seed packets. This all had left my mind though as I waited for McDreamy, yes Winter Haven has a McDreamy, McSteamy whatever you want to call him, to come back with an answer and some relief.  A kidney stone, that’s what the CT showed.  What I didn’t know is that kidney stones laugh at pain medicine.  Even, you’re not going to believe this, at least I had a hard time believing it, MORPHINE! They don’t just laugh, they throw back their head and do a wicked witch kind of laugh.  I’m pretty sure my stone looks a lot like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.  Crazy hair, crazy eyes, and her sole purpose was to make me sorry for the day I was born!
handblown glass cylinders green and blue
The day I found these hand blown cylinder vases, was a lucky day for me.  The antique shop owner was needing to liquidate so the price was unbelievable.  They are about 10” tall and about 8” around.  I bought four, two gorgeous colors of blue and two in a lovely green hue.  Speaking of unbelievable, I returned to the ER again two days later.  This time I called my sister Kim who arrived with her fairly new car.  While I was wearing a path in the family room’s wood floor, she was searching for a bucket and lining it with a grocery bag to protect her car.  Really! So, once again the texts and messages were flying to my people all over town so that I walked into our ER again like the DIVA that I had become.  I had instructed my posse that I would need the lights turned down, all other patients removed, no pesky admissions clerks were to ask me questions, and a room should be found for me immediately.  Actually, while standing in a cubicle, I noticed my niece who is an RN in the ER walk out.  I’m gonna forgive her, but I do think she looked at me with the death grip on the cubicle and her other aunt with the grocery bag lined bucket and thought, “the rest of this day is going to suck”.
spring table blue green orange gold crushed velvet handblown glass costume jewelry
I’m still thinking about my Spring table.  I plan to use white flowers in the vases to balance out the brightness of the other colors and linen and jute on the napkins.  My plan also is to do a wall hanging with a verse that I will paint and rearrange the chairs around the table.  Wish me luck on getting this done.  Apparently 4.5mm is borderline having to remove procedurally, something that I am hoping to avoid.  My mom has been keeping me company while I’m waiting.  Which means that she has showed me enough celebrity homes on her IPad that I feel like an expert on the subject.  Oh look, Alan Jackson’s house… I wonder if he has a spring table.


  1. You are a crazy girl! :) Hopefully this horrible kidney stone will pass soon! Sending a hug & a prayer for your speedy recovery. . .and a beautifully decorated spring table in plenty of time for Easter <3

    1. Hi Merita, My sweet friend...gonna work on that table now. Thanks for your hugs and wishes!

  2. I am so sorry you have a kidney stone. I hear they hurt worse than childbirth and gallbladder together. I thought I was gonna die with a gallbladder attack afew years back. And I was so in pain after a 12 hours drive breaking the law because I was laying in the back of our stationwagon to get home for the surgery like the ER in some town of the freeway recommended and there are no seatbelts back there. Thought I would die! And I couldn't shave my legs either. This was a funny post; thanks for the smiles. And I really do hpoe and pray you pass that stinking thing!

    1. Hey there Linda, Good news, the stone passed this morning. Yay!!! thanks for your comments, it is so good to have you here. I'm gonna go check your blog, and I hope we'll talk more. Teresa