Thursday, June 13, 2013

Country Living Fair 2013 Rhinebeck New York

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013

I subscribed to Country Living Magazine years ago, and now excitedly anticipate each month as it pops into my Kindle.  Their style appeals to me: simple, collected,  a nod to the past, a touch bohemian, with calm hues of traditional colors.  They champion the people who are making a go at the good life and feature their homes, products, and stories.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 photos 20

I read that they were having a fair in Rhinebeck NY, and I started calculating the distance from where I am in New Jersey.  Lucky for me, it was a short two hours, so this past Saturday Jeff and I spent a fun day at the Country Living Fair.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 photos

Their was a small admission price, and this right here was worth the price of the ticket.  These ladies grabbed my husband for their instagram shots and at one point I saw him with two iphones in his hand.  This is funny to me on so many levels.  He carried a flip phone until last year.  I hope the ladies checked, they may have a bunch of pictures of Jeff…or just the cow.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 phone photos

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 photos16

There were several of these vintage caravans restored and furnished in funky retro style.  I want one in a bad way. Like, I have a dream of setting up a group of them on the mountain and renting them out to fabulously cool people.  We would sit out by the campfire at night and have brilliant talks about Jesus and poetry and art and life. There are guitars and fireflies at this happy hippy hangout.  Ah to dream….

And….back to the show.  Let me show you around a few of the booths
Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 cash and cari

Cari Cucksey of HGTV’s Cash and Cari had a large booth with many treasures from her Repurposeshop and was on hand to meet and greet.  She also had a demonstration of repurposing at one of the demonstration tents.

I am a big fan of repurposing.  My dog's food is kept in an old zinc milk box and wooden boxes and vintage suit cases house my art supplies.  It's easy if you look around to find ways to avoid using mass produced plastics for storage.
Via Living Edge Designs
Via Living Edge Design

Todd Young of Living Edge Designs gives new purpose to wood that is considered unworthy for most typical wood products.  Seeing the beauty in these castoffs from nature, he makes furniture, cabinetry, and these stunning culinary boards.  He is located in Rhinebeck and had a booth at the fair.  Jeff and I were impressed by his artistry and charmed by his product and hopefully didn’t try his patience as we wanted to know all about his process of salvaging the fallen wood from the forest near his home. Great guy, great boards, so glad we met him!

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 Stash

You need to not be so jealous of me right now.  I know you are.  This booth was loaded with fun finds and is owned by a cute gal named Shannon  Check her out at her website  She travels to all the best markets and shows, so if you are lucky you may run into her.  Then I’ll be jealous of you.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 photos 15

When I saw this booth, I said “It can’t be true”!  How can one booth be packed with so much good stuff?  I talked to Paul on the phone this week.  Yeah, he called ME…See, I had contacted him to make sure I could share a photo of his booth.  I don’t ever take photos of someone’s product and then publish a post without getting their permission.  I think that’s the way to run a blog.  So, anyway, Paul calls me and says he would love it for me to post my picture.  While we’re chatting he tells me that his store Great Stuff by Paul in Frederick MD has over 50,000 square feet filled with stuff.  He buys antique and vintage pieces from all over the WORLD! I told Paul, “I’m coming to your store, Man!”  You should go too!  Let’s go together, tell me when and I am there.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 photos8

I simply adored this booth and am a huge fan of this designer’s style.  This exquisite space belonged to Lisa of Lisa Bates Design.  I'm less than impressed with my photo, but I really wanted to include her booth.  Her style is a favorite of mine, edited and clean with a great balance of color and textures.  Her appreciation of simple and beautiful is tastefully realized in the interiors she creates; which is why she has been featured in numerous design publications. If you are partial to collected, but not cluttered, check out her website.  You will be a fan too.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 photos10

Who doesn’t love a cottage industry story.  Jan Blough took her hobby and creative ideas and turned them into a very successful business.  You’ve probably seen some of her unique items if you’ve been in a gift store recently.  Her pieces are sold in stores all across the US and abroad.  The name of her business is Silhouettes and More by Jan Blough.  With the popularity of silhouettes right now, I think her industriousness has served her well.  I know she loves what she is doing, it shows.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 photos french vanilla2

Do you know Peg, from French Vanilla?  I am so glad, I met her.  She and her husband had one of the most fabulous booths.  She was telling everyone how her husband painted the canvas that was covering one of the tables in her booth, and she was smiling, and you could tell, enjoying meeting the guests of the fair.  Lovely woman, I tell you. I started up a conversation, and guess what?  She’s in New Jersey.  So, I’m definitely planning a trip to see more of her stuff.  Peg keeps it real simple.  She doesn’t have a shop or a website, but she’s done this for quite a while, so who’s questioning her business plan.  Not me…She also shows at the Clover Market outside Philadelphia and probably other shows too. When I see her next, I’ll find out. 

Do you see that flea market cart in the lower left of the picture?  That’s what you needed to bring to this show.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 music

Hold on, I’m not finished.  There was music.  Really good music.
Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all welcome Bob Stump and the Blue Mountain Band

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 spinning2

There was a very interesting fleece to shawl demonstration by the Elmendorph Hand Spinners guild.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 museum

Hudson Valley History was also on display in the Century Museum antique village.  The village was incredibly well done and I could have spent hours looking at all the exhibits.  The volunteers were gracious and knowledgeable and the items curated was extensive.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 fair food

There was one road dedicated to food vendors.  I honestly can’t comment, but I’m sure the food was delicious.  I made the decision not to go down that road because I’ve been down that road before.  My sister Kim and I once ate $80 in fair food at the Florida State Fair when she was pregnant with her oldest son.  You didn’t read wrong, EIGHTY DOLLARS on fair food. That's a lot of fair food.
Hi, my name's Teresa, and I'm a fair foodaholic.  Hi Teresa.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 food truck6

Cute, huh? Probably real tasty too.  Can’t comment.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 Visitors

We walked, and looked, and shopped, and talked to vendors; it was a good day at the Country Living Fair.  I was certainly inspired by the creativity and industriousness of all the exhibitors.  It was impressive to say the least.

Country Living Fair Rhinebeck NY 2013 hudson river

We didn't have time to explore the area of Rhinebeck and the Hudson River Valley, but plan to return.  This is a parting shot that I took of the Hudson River...beautiful...such a nice day.


  1. I love you and Jeff, Teresa...I love your blog and feel so connected to Jeff and you when you write....miss you. Love Beth F.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog Beth. We miss you too!

  2. The next best thing to being there. . .reading your blog and looking at your photos! Great job! We would have had a blast! . . . but I'm pretty sure we would've had to check out a couple of those food vendors, even if we shared! :)

    1. Oh Merita, you're a food fair enabler. Yes, we would have had a blast!