Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If Life Hadn’t Been So Kind

If life hadn’t been so kind to me, I would still be looking for this man.
jeff abingdon winery
Today we celebrate the 36th anniversary of our marriage.  Circumstances find us in different cities, in different states, in different parts of the country even, but we have a connection that can never be broken by distance. 
jeff and teresa
We are forever bound by a strong love and admiration for each other, and our marriage has endured all the struggles, hurdles, and heartaches that come in any long relationship.  We have survived in spite of ourselves because of a determination to make it work and to follow the example of Christ’s love for the church.  Although it is congregated with broken, pitiful, fickle people such as the two of us, Christ’s love for his church remains the same.
jeff, teresa, todd
Today I still wear the rings on my left hand that were given to me over 36 years ago.  Some may consider them very small, and during the financial mountain tops of our marriage, I have been tempted to suggest that a big rock would really look nice.  But I knew I would miss these rings.  My mother in law is in assisted living and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  All of our conversations are repeats from the last visit or even the last few minutes. When I visit her she always picks up my left hand and compliments my rings.  Every time, I tell her that her son bought those for me when he was just a boy.  He had to sell a hunting rifle to buy them, and for me these selfless tokens of his love are overwhelmingly precious.
Todd and Scott, I love your Dad, he loves me, and we love you and your families.    Amanda and Luba, how inspired I am with our son’s love for each of you and you for them.  Our love for each other is our passion, and we share it as a family.
Wildwoods NJ 
There is no one that I would rather accompany on a deserted boardwalk in January.  Celebrating our anniversary, we always seem to find ourselves rather alone in a tourist town  because it is January and cold.  I know that he feels the same, wanting to be only with me, because he told me so.  Blessed am I to have a partner in life such as this man.
    but I found him whom my soul loveth … Soloman 3:4

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