Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What Went Where

Am I the only person that has trouble remembering what went where the Christmas decorations were?


Did that even make sense?  If it didn’t, go back and read it really slowly.  And then, try saying it 10 times fast.

I mean, now that the Christmas decorations are gone, the house just looks so… DULL!

I’m searching the house for something to put in the places that are now so …. BORING!

Do you think it is the house that is dull and boring?  Or maybe it is just that the excitement has left.  Do you remember the anticipation?  I do, I was so excited for all the hugs, the laughter, and the delighted little faces that make Christmas the most special time of year.

Anticipation drove this bus in December. When I was making fudge, I was thinking about the person that would enjoy it.  When I was making the little monogrammed bags for the girls in my family, I was thinking about my love for them.  When I layered the ingredients for the Cranberry Hootiecreeks in a jar, I was thinking about the day I would give them to my friends, and family.

Makes me stop and think.  The season is a celebration of the anticipated birth of our savior.  He was the promised gift from God.  We are who God was thinking of when he gave us his only begotten Son.

He is the one that all humanity anticipated; our redeemer.  And when He was given to us, it was known, that baby would one day pay the debt of all sinners on a cruel cross.  He is the gift that we as Christians celebrate.  He is our Way in a Manger.  But, when I put Him away in my life, just like my house, there is a dimness.


Maybe I’ll remember this day. This day of looking at my lackluster decor as a reminder to not put Christ away in my life.

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  1. You have a beautiful home. . .and a beautiful heart!
    Happy New Year my dear friend!