Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time you old Gypsy Man

After our son Todd's wedding, I received an invitation to travel to Salt Lake City and spend a week with Cindi and Hugh.  
The view from Hugh and Cindi's rear deck

We would spend a few days at their home and then she and I would drive up to their mountain cabin and have a girl's weekend.  Cindi and I have been sis in laws for over 30 years, but have never lived in the same city.  

Cindi in downtown Ogden, Utah

We've each been Moms and wives wrapped up in our own families, but now feel such an urge to really connect as friends.  She had spent a week with me in New Jersey over the summer, and now I was so happy to have even more time for us to be together. 

This is what I know about time management.  Keep it simple.  For me, that means a calendar, and a to-do list.  I learned many years ago, that if it isn't written down, it does not exist.  I also know that it's very important to make time for that which is most important. Being with Cindi and our friendship is very important.  I believe that you will manage your time better once you start to appreciate time.  It took many years and many hard lessons for this one to become real to me.  I also think it may be a gift of menopause.  A gift of menopause?  Did I just say that? 

On our drive to her cabin, she wanted to show me these horses.  

They are Gypsy Vanners, and knowing how much I love horses, she couldn't wait for me to see them.  

We stopped to have a visit with them and it was a special moment in time;

shared by she, I, and the horses.  If he looks irritated to you, it's because any self respecting horse visitor would remember to bring carrots.  He came all the way down from his perch in the pasture to greet us, and nothing.  We had nothing.  

Except for a camera.  We did let the beautiful boy check out the camera.  Very interesting, but, I know, it's no carrot.

Sorry Feller.

Time passes us by quickly.  I am so glad that we were able to stop time on our trip, give the horses a rub on the nose, and record the memories in our hearts.

Jim Elliot, the missionary martyr said, "Wherever you are, be all there." 

Time you old Gypsy Man, will you not stay? Park up your caravan just for one day.

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  1. Lovely horses! No peppermint, either?

    I am just on the cusp of recognizing the importance, and the limits, of time. Painful right now. I know it won't always be.

    1. Cheryl, Yes, the horses were gorgeous! I think it's like Alice Walker says about The Color Purple, God wouldn't like it if we didn't acknowledge the beauty of horses. Time management/appreciation, ah it's a lesson learned as we live. In this season of life as an empty nester, I some days feel that I have too much time to fill. Foolish me.... Thanks for your comment.

  2. Taking a moment to visit from Edie's link up- so glad you joined in!
    The horses are breathtaking- and the blue sky behind highlights their loveliness even more.
    A gift of menopause...chuckle.
    I'm getting closer, and it's feels like a rocky road - I'll look for it's gifts!

    1. Hi Laura, Thank you for stopping by. I'm not used to comments on my little, only seen by me and few others, blog. I'm thinking I should write a post someday about menopause. I'll tell you all the little secrets that nobody ever shared with me. The harvest season is bountiful. Hope to see you again, Teresa

  3. What beauties...xoxo Thanks for sharing this, and how cool that you see menopause as a gift! Every season is. Visiting from Edie's linkup. xoxo

    1. Hi Marie. If menopause were a season, I suppose it would be fall. Just so happens that's my favorite season. Menopause...the harvest season; gonna write about that sometime. Thanks for your comments and stopping by. Teresa

  4. Hello Teresa-
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of these beauties! I grew up with horses and have always had a love for them, but I have never seen this breed? Magnificent creatures. Truly enjoyed seeing them-

    1. Thank you for your comments Julia. I'm loving that you loved the pictures of the Gypsy Vanners. They are stunners!